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I generally agree with this short version of Engagement for an inhabitable world for all
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All people deserve a decent life, simply for being people.

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The world situation is unacceptable: it is structurally violent, unjust and unsustainable. Its current values, standards and administrators are not able to put things right. Active citizenship and communities have the ability and the responsibility to act.

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In order to advance toward an inhabitable world for all, the overriding objective that should guide all decisions should be to ensure that 100% of the world's population has adequate resources for the sustainable coverage of their needs, starting with the most basic ones and taking into account that we are inhabiting a living and finite world.

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The Commitment to an inhabitable world for all involves all of us in the forging of a new social contract between people, governments and corporations. A new contract to arrange transitions: binding agreements, supported by the necessary resources and well-defined action plans, that could be used to encourage fair, peaceful and sustainable local, national and international relationships for the world population and the planet. 

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We call on every person and every community in every country, to freely and consciously take this commitment to implement or participate in a Transition Plan. This will be done in their sphere of action (neighborhood, town, organization, sector…), indicating the objectives, means and deadlines of execution.

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With a Transition plan for an inhabitable world for all, each person or group expresses the level of involvement they wish to commit to through a set of shared objectives and actions to be carried out: objectives of transition towards participative democracy, environmental sustainability, a real and sustainable economy, a non-speculative financial system, a shared-knowledge society, a world without wars or violence, an equitable system of globalization and democratic global governance.

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Fruit of a participative consultation process, the Barcelona Consensus has produced two documents: the Commitment for an inhabitable world for all and the Shared Objectives, which could serve as inspiration for the creation of Transition plans. Each person or group takes on responsibility for choosing and implementing their own commitments and for reporting them and their results to the community that adheres to this Declaration.

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being its fruit of the BC, participants will learn and share views of protecting a habitable and sustainable environment, no other too much and too complicated objectives to make the objectives of the BCD simple and eachable in coming 3 through 5 years, not a decade.
Written by J.Ng at 22 / 02 / 2011

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