Delibera of the Training Course "Social Transformation and Youth Empowerment".

How can I participate?
1. Read and understand the statements, so you have an opinion for each of them.

2. Position yourself in regards to the statement and your own opinion following the following code:
verdI strongly agree    verdI agree      I disagree   verdI strongly disagree    verdI don't know

3. After you positioned yourself, for each statement you can write your comments, add concepts that are not included and that you believe are important.

4. When you finish, make sure you come back regularly to see what is the progress of the discussions and contribute again when you feel like.
5. You can answer this query until the 8th of March.
Social transformation always starts from an individual transformation
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Social transformation should be accompanied by structural changes
Comments (4)
Social transformation is a bottom-up or a top-down process
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Social transformation always triggers positive changes
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Social transformation is desirable even when the majority doesn't agree with the change proposed

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Youth empowerment is essential for social transformation
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Youth empowerment implies giving-up power by adults and giving it to the youngsters
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For youth empowerment to be effective it is necessary to be supported by structures
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General comments
Social transformation is a bottom-up or a top-down process That's a pretty interesting statement to position oneself on :)
Written by Yaptro at 03 / 03 / 2017
And with all of that, what is written in comment before mine, I think, Social Transformation depends on a lot of things, such as: youth empowerment, different structures support, individual understanding and etc. and all of them should work at the same time, and together to achieve goal, they want to achieve.
Written by nodar at 05 / 03 / 2017

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