Imishyikirano-huriro NyaRwanda • DIR 2004 - 2010
Intra Rwandans Dialogue • DIR 2004 - 2010

Enlarged Deliberation  (Delibera/DIR)
to prepare
The Highly Inclusive Inter Rwandans Dialogue (HIIRD/DIRHI)

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Dear all,
We would like to present an extraordinary tool that will allow you to exchange points of view, backgrounds, share, talk, think and then decide on the past, present and future of Rwanda and the whole Central Africa.These delibera / DIR.
This dynamic has been designed and developed by Rwandan belonging to different origin, regional, ethnic, gender, age and occupation from documents of conclusions and recommendations of the eight editions of the Intra Rwandans Dialogue which took place between 2004 and 2009 in different parts of the world, editions where participated where almost two hundred (200) Rwandans and few Congolese, all with international facilitation of experts in mediation and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The main recipients and beneficiaries of this initiative are Rwandans from all horizons (those who live inside or outside of Rwanda), senior representatives of the Rwandese State authorities until down to the smallest member of the Rwandan community, since this tool has been developed to prepare the best conditions and with a vision as close as possible to 360 degrees, The Highly Inclusive Inter Rwandans Dialogue (HIIRD/DIRHI), which a large number of Rwandans want and do constantly insisted.

But it is not specific to Rwandans, participation is also open to the Congolese, who were also affected by the conflict in Rwanda. It is for all citizens of Africa, Central Europe and North America, where many Congolese and Rwandan refugees live, and concerned in any way by the Rwandan crisis and of its consequences.

This tool Delibera / DIR consists of 10 articles forums that are the subject of deliberation, exchange and evaluation.

01. Rwandan society and its history

02. Democracy, rule of law and good governance in Rwanda

03. Justice, Memory and Reconciliation

04. The Defence Corps and Security (Army, Police and other security services)

05. Crime, violence and genocide

06. Economy

07. Rwanda's foreign policy (relations with neighbouring countries, the colonial powers and other powers) 

08. Refugees problem

09. The Arusha Accords

10. Inter Rwandan Dialogue 

This phase will be in 10 forums of dialogue open to anyone, Rwandans, Congolese and/ or the rest of the world, interested in participating in this electronics debate.

This initiative is based on principles of freedom of opinion, expression and respect for the evaluation / votes and comments of others. Confidentiality is also provided for those, in any case, who want to preserve it. It is also based on the principles of non-violence, dialogue and conflict resolution, control of humanity, especially the very central principles of the Nobel Peace Martin Luther King Jr. in which the initiative believe.

What is the delibera / DIR:
The "delibera" is a system that collectively weigh advantages and disadvantages (for debate) as a group on any subject under discussion. Use of icons allows simple visual representation of the position of each person and evaluation.

Delibera, as an integrated system for participation: it is composed of a set of methods, procedures and tools that facilitate dialogue and deliberation in real meetings and web forums. It's a great way to facilitate participation especially when many questions, many people, and soon are involved.

How to deliberate?

Follow these steps to participate in the deliberation process for each of the 10 forums/texts mentioned above:

  1. Read the texts: Start with a text and read his articles. Read the texts presented with the greatest possible care.

  2. Save:
    Enter your information and register your username and password.

  3. Evaluate texts:
    To evaluate the text, enter your username and password. If you do not already have one, go to "Register".
    When the list of text appears, select one of them and mark each item according to your opinion:

I fully agree I agree I am half agree I do not agreeI fully not agree I don’t know

You can also write comments that explain your assessment / position, propose an amendment, or propose the deletion of the article.

Given the length of delibera / DIR created especially for you, which takes about one hour, be assured that you can stop at any time / point and that what you have already entered is automatically saved and then continue your comfortable exercise.

4. See assessments text: Check the spread of scores for each text and each of its articles (see the end of each topic and click on "See Results" at the end to your right).
Check out the comments, arguments and amendments that the participants have written for each item.

We ask you to do two things:

  1. Develop, vote and comment on each question of the 10 topics, you will be already participating in Delibera / DIR.

  2.  After a while, you can return to Delibera and see the proceedings of other members (to see the state of other votes, deliberations and feedback from other participants, it is very simple: just go up to the end of each theme/ topic you want and click on "See Results" and you will see the ratio of votes, comments and other exchanges for each of 10 topics). You may continue or review your deliberation by changing your decisions or introducing additional comments on any issue if you find it necessary.
    How to upgrade / review your previous opinion is very simple:

You simply go to the question of the topic that interests you and click on X to your left, this time you can introduce your new voting and / or comment (and why that is, what made you change your mind).
Each time you re-enter the system DELIBERA / DIR, you must enter your name and your password.

Registered users: You can change your information: user, change personal introduction, e-mail ...

If you cancel your subscription as a user registered, you will lose your comments, but not the ratings that you have expressed.

If you have a doubt, please contact:

Thank you for your participation!


Project délibératif coordené 
Deliberatif project coordinated:


International Network for Truth and Reconciliation in Central Africa


Imishyikirano-huriro NyaRwanda • DIR 2004 - 2010
Dialogue IntraRwandais• DIR 2004 - 2010
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