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The Open Congress  is part of the II European Conference on Volunteering that wants to promote the participation and the online deliberation in order to configure the framework for the conference to be held in Barcelona the 9th, 10th and 11th of November.
• Enrich the contents and experiences, trying to guarantee the European vision.
• Facilitate a process of previous debate to the day of the conference itself.
• Open the congress to people of all Europe.

How can I participate?
1. First you have to register, to do so you must click to "New user". Please remember these data in case you want to enter again to this wesite.

2. It is necessary that you read the introductory part of each block , so you have a global objective vision of each subject.

3. We ask you to position yourself regarding your own perceptions with the corresponding colour:
verdI strongly agree    verdI agree   verdI partially agree    I disagree   verdI strongly disagree    verdI don't know

4. To take into account your contributions after each thematic block, you can write your comments, add concepts that there are not include in the document and that you believe is important, etc. The comments will be put in common in the conference itself.

5. When you finish answering all the questionnaires click "Send form and close".

6. You can answer this query until 26 October.

Structure of the forum

The forum is structured through 7 workshops each of them treat different subjects of actuality and relevance in volunteering. Each workshop is coordinated by a facilitator and counts with the participation of several speakers.


1.      Workshop 1: Volunteering: a life-long commitment

2.    Workshop 2: Volunteering management

3.     Workshop 3: New volunteering models

4.     Workshop 4. Training for volunteers

5.      Workshop 5. Public policies for the promotion of volunteering

6.      Workshop 6. New collaboration mechanisms

7.      Workshop 7. Socially Responsible Territory

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