Reaching a Consensus on the Barcelona Consensus Declaration

Commitments and objectives for an inhabitable world for all



Until April 3, as one of the 250 participants in the process of developing the Barcelona Consensus you are invited to contribute in the assessment of the Barcelona Consensus Declaration. It will be adopted in Barcelona from 1 - 3 May 2011.

Please read the draft version of the Barcelona Consensus Declaration and choose one of the following options to express your opinion, according to your level of interest and time availability:

Option A.Rate the Barcelona Consensus declaration globally

Option B. Rate each of the Declaration’s sections, participating in the 3 forums listed below

1.Short version of the Barcelona Consensus Declaration

2.Commitment for an inhabitable world for all (part 1)

3.Shared objectives for an inhabitable world for all (part 2)

All contributions will be taken into account at the Barcelona Consensus Conference, scheduled for 28 - 30 April, before the approval of the Declaration. If you have difficulties providing your feedback through the forums, you can submit your views and comments info(@)