Topic 5. Information, communication and knowledge:

How do we want to organize the knowledge society?

Proposals on the right to information and the cultural industries.

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Knowledge Society

The Citizens' right to information and communication

Cultural Industries

The Media


Copyright and intellectual property

Communication and Gender

Respect for cultural diversity


The 170 proposals have been compiled from the contributions of 18 Barcelona Consensus participants (11 men and 07 women from 16 countries from all regions of the globe):

Kunibert Raffer, Cândido Grzybowski, Yun Jianli, Ibrahim Saleh, Pramod Mathur, Melani Budianta, Sean O’Siochru, Takayoshi Kusago, Florentine Ramambasoa, Jorge Morales, Khurram Qadir, Nahla Chahal, Bakhita Ahmed, Zeki Ergas, Juan Carlos Anselmi Elissalde, Hilda Lini, Luis Lopezllera-Mendez, and Saroop Dhruv.

The proposals were also extracted from texts by the following authors: Edgardo Lander, Ignacio Ramonet, Manuel Castells, Lavinia Mohr, Kemly Camacho, Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Michel Briand, Sean O’ Siochru, Alan Alegre, Patricia Estévez, Dardo Gómez, Néstor García Canclini, Germán Rey, Amartya Sen, Jesús Martín-Barbero and Marc Raboy; texts from the following organizations: World Association of Christian Communication (WACC), CRIS Campaign, Human Rights Institute of Catalonia and the Federation of Journalists' Unions (Spain); as well as from the deliberations that took place for the FSCat 2010.