Topic 2. Ecology and population: What world do we have?

Proposals to live sustainably in a finite world.


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Visions and objectives of the world we have: ecology and population

Proposals for the ecologic and political systems

Strategies for the ecologic system

Proposals for the ecologic and economic systems

Proposals for the ecologic system



The 164 proposals have been extracted from the contributions sent by 22 Barcelona Consensus participants (14 men and 8 women, from 19 countries from different world regions):

Juan Carlos Anselmi Elissalde, Sun Bai 孙白, Antanas Buracas, Nahla Chahal, Anwarul Chowdhury, Leonor Aída Concha Martínez, Ibrahima Coulibaly, Carrie Dann, Troy Davis, May East, François Houtard, Avetik Ishkhanyan, Takayoshi Kusago, Josep Ll. Ortega, Lavinia Mohr, Akop Nazaretyan, Kunibert Raffer, Ahmed Rahmani, Sandra Ribas, Wen Tiejun 温铁军, Jianli Yun 建立运,Ling Zhao 玲赵.

Texts were also extracted from the consultation made during the Catalan Social Forum (2010) as well as from texts suggested by the participants: Peoples' Declaration, Prosperity Without Growth and the Consultation with Civil Society Organizations and UNESCO Chairs.