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Facilitator: Maria Vilà Miras

 Introduction: Presentation of the compendium of definitions of volunteering in the European Volunteer Centre (CEV), Susana Szasbo, France benevolent,

 1. Corporate Volunteering in Europe, Juan Angel Poyatos, FUNDAR

 2. The experience of the Association of Volunteers of La Caixa Foundation. Lluis Romeu, Federation of associations of "La caixa"

 3. Virtual Volunteering. Ramon Bartomeus, iWith.org 's
 4. Volunteering in Group: Projecte rius,  Roger Gili, Habitats Association

We ask your participation in two ways:
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2. Give a value to the different proposals below,according the differnt colors avaiable, and post comments to the proposals itselves.
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You can write your comments, add concepts that there are not include in the document and that you believe could be important, at the end of the site in the section named General comments.
The comments will be put in common in the conference itself.

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This workshop aims to explore the new ways of doing that are currently voluntary, based on specific examples of various models are being developed widely throughout Europe also in Catalonia, and company are volunteering, virtual volunteering or volunteer work in family.

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Comments (2)

Corporate volunteering contributes to broadening the scope of people who participate in volunteering programs. It also allows corporate volunteers to gain an insight into new social realities. Corporate volunteering is a source of inspiration for many people who had never volunteered before. It allows employees to put their professional skills at the service of the community.

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Employees who participate in corporate volunteering programs implemented by their companies’ charities get a more in-depth sense of the social realities that are being prioritized.

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Virtual volunteering (including micro-volunteering) has to be recognized, incorporated and put at the same level as traditional volunteering.

Comments (1)
Volunteering schemes resulting in more independent decisions by organizations should be promoted. Social cohesion would be further developed if groups were more intergenerational.
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IT enable the development of new volunteering models since they allow millions of people all over the world to carry out volunteer actions. IT are also a means to achieve work-life balance and it helps reducing mobility needs. Nonetheless, they create a gap between volunteers and organizations. Virtual volunteering has an impact on interactions among volunteers. In this context, organizations need to develop new working mechanisms regarding values, commitment and volunteers’ rights and duties.

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Companies’ involvement in their social responsibility management in the framework of raising public awareness on social challenges that affect the community is key for the future volunteering and the third sector in general.

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We welcome the participation of all family members in volunteering programs. Family should be understood in its broadest possible sense and be an open concept that includes new forms of family. Family volunteering can take place in the form of specific awareness raising campaigns on various areas such as education, environment or culture. Family volunteering can also take place at a long term through programs aimed at easing the suffering of people at risk of social exclusion, for instances.

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General comments
I think that corporate volunteering should not be compared to normal volunteering, because usually companies motivation is different.
Written by simona at 03 / 10 / 2011
Incorporar les TIC que són clau perquè permet que les persones s'incorpren al món del voluntariat conciliant la vida professional i laboral
Written by M. Assumpta at 21 / 10 / 2011

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